The Foundaiton of the FoxEdit

Motto: Move the World

Head Quarters: Marimac City


  • Chief Engineer Alphonse Smith
  • Brotherhood of Engineers

Established: 2900 AME

Colors: Orange and Red


  • Humans: 25,000
  • Dwarves: 5,000
  • Orcs: 1,000
  • Elves: 0
  • Other: 0


The Foundation of the Fox is the youngest of all the foundations having been formed only a century ago. They started out as a group of engineers that studied together at the prestigous Marimac University and had worked out the kinks of the steam engine and began applying this nearly limitless supply of power to a wide range of applications. They began racking up patent after patent as they found more and more applications and found themselves in the middle of a massive corporation.

Legal advice encouraged them to form a foundation rather than corporation and soon the foundation of the fox was born specializing in selling steam power and all its many uses with the world. Steam powered carriages, tractors, and more were sold with great profit and soon they discovered more applications including steam ships, airships, and more.

The great war spurred the foundation's engineers to branch into military applications and they introduced the Repeater, The Landship, the militarized steam ship and airship, and then the mechmen into the world. Mechanical steam powered constructs were not new however they were seen more as a novelty then anything. The Foundation figured out how to mass produce the constructs and their numbers bolstered the Marimac and Corodo's ranks and became the best counter to Vicmorta's undead armies.

The Fox's founders had been imbued with more wealth than they could imagine from the war and their leadership was handed off to a new generation of engineers. After the war Fox airships still dominate the trade network and their steam carriges now clog the streets of most cities around the world. The Mechmen however are in much less demand and the foundaiton has tried so far unsuccesfully to find alternate uses for them.


The Foundation of the Fox specializes heavily with steam engine. While they still learn magic often times combine magic and steam they prefer using steam power of magical power. The most prestegious members of the foundation belong to research and development however many of its members are relegated to less prestegious maintanence and operations positions.