The Foundation of the EagleEdit

Motto: Numquam Obliviscaris (never forget)

Head Quarters: Regius


  • High Magi Aurapic
  • The Eight
  • The Circle of Sixty Four

Established: 5000 BME

Colors: White and Gold


  • Humans: 1,000
  • Dwarves: 500
  • Orcs: 200
  • Elves: 6,000
  • Other: 600


The Foundatin of the Eagle is by far the oldest of all the foundations. It has its origins in the Elven Univerisyt of Magic in Regius. It was founded almost 8,000 years ago as a center of magical learning, study, and manipulation. Throughout the years the Eagle's influence in Insuladom and abroad has expanded heavily as they mastered magical arts and were often times the isolationist elven nation's only contact with the outside world.

For much of the foundation's history its members were only elven however after studying other races it was realized a select tiny few are magically inclined enough to be taught and can become members. The non-elven ranks still make up a tiny minority however they are slowly growing to become more and more sizeable portions of the membership. Foundation members are graduates of Eagle Magical University and are identified at birth as potential magically inclined through sensitive detection spells that have been placed througout the world. At the earliest age allowable by local culture and racial demands they are whisked away to the nearest branch of the university and immersed in a world of magic.

It was in fact their interest in finding tracking and recruiting these magically capable people of other races that pushed the foundation to form the great charter. It linked them with the Bears, Cats, and Owls as founding members and gave the foundations some level of autonomy and freedom above local laws and restrictions. This gave the elves the freedom they needed to find magically gifted talent throughout the whole world.

During the War Eagles were highly valued for their magical abilities in both combat casting and enchanting weapons. Scrying was also incredibly popular service as well as the foundation's enchanting services. They trained Vicmortan necromancers and even shared certain devastating secrets that led to the demise of Coldrim. The foundation profited heavily from the war and has used this new influx of wealth to expand heavily and open up universities and research stations all over the world.


Eagles are known to keep records and contracts of all magical spells. They beleive almost religiously no magical knowledge should ever be forgotten no matter what. This preservance included necromancy spells that the rest of the world had considered evil and taboo and was unleashed during the last war. Outside of magical archiving the foundation also provides magical scrying services, magical enchantments, and the use of a magi's services for spells in either destructive or creative purposes.