The Foundation of the CatEdit

Motto: Knowledge is Power

Head Quarters: Victoropolis


  • Master Charles Wordsmith
  • Dark Brotherhood

Established: 2250 AME

Colors: Back and Yellow


  • Humans: 50,000
  • Dwarves: 5,000
  • Orcs: 5,000
  • Elves: 10,000
  • Other: 10,000


The Foundaiton of the Cat originated as a group of newspaper editors, rumor mongers, and investigators as a way to share information and tips with each other. The group soon found itself coming into possesion of more and more juicy secrets and details as it started hiring eyes and ears all throughout the Vicmortan Empire and then the rest of the world.

The Cats spy network is the worlds biggest public secret. On paper and out in the open the Foundaiton of the Cats represents an orginization of associated news papers that span across the world and share stories and information with one another. However the biggest and best money maker for the foundation is their trade in secrets. If the secrets are really juicy they are known to blackmail one side while fetching offers from another. Allowing interested parties to literally bid on where a secret will end up. This has created a lot of negativity towards the ogranization and if not for their near stranglehold on the news industry they would have been made the enemy of nearly every nation in the world.

Yet the secrets of the spies of the foundation are seen as worth the cost of having them around and the foundation saw large profits during the war as they sold secrets to all sides. From troop movements to mercenary contracts to secret plans all were traded frequently and with much profit.


The foundaiton of the Cats has two disticnt branches, the public news editors alliance controls the major news papers througout most of the world as well as many town criers and other forms of news distribution. The darker trader of secrets and spies work much less out in the open and often are intertwined into various positions of power and access amongst much of the world's governments, corporations, and even other foundations.