The Foundation of the BearEdit

Motto: The Honor of the Sword

Head Quarters: Exortaport, Corodo


  • Supreme Commander Stevenson
  • High Command

Established: 1500 AME

Colors: Brown & Kahki


  • Humans: 100,000
  • Dwarves: 10,000
  • Orcs: 30,000
  • Elves: 5,000
  • Other: 30,000


The Foundation of the Bears was originally nothing more than a loosely nit band of Corodan mercenaries. It had become convenient to come to terms with each other and eventually they agreed that they would only fight against other city states and not one another. If one Corodan citystate hired them to attack another band of mercenaries the two sides would simpley hold the line with one another and not attack, advance, or withdraw. This created some problems in the early days but the organization recruited the best soldiers, always had the best equipment, and trained its men with the best fighting tactics to create one of the best armies of the world. Whatever group could afford their exorbinant price would have a distinct edge against any opponents while their generals could advise or even completely take over a nation's war effort if asked to do so.

During the War the Bears were employed heavily by all sides however Corodo and Butermarr were the largest customers. Bear soldiers were used heavily to reinforce the Corodon ranks and maintained both sides of the southern front between Maramic and Corodo. The heavy use brought about heavy losses as all sides of the war seemed unprepared for the heavy use of magic and technology which devastated all side's armies.

After the war the Bears found themselves wealthy but inlisting a huge army of mercenaries that no longer had a war to fight. Their once massive recruiting campaign was halted and the foundation quickly became much stricter upon who to accept and who could stay within their ranks.


The Bear's primary specialization is military offering both manpower and overall strategy advice. They also offer private police forces for local municipalities and private security. Police and security arms of the Bears are almost completley seperate entities from the military mercenary branch and rarely interact with one another outside of one another. Bear fortifications have sprung up in most major cities around the world as a source of local hired help and protection against invasion.